Welcome to Italiano On Line. Here you will find all the information about the courses offered on our website to help you learn the beautiful Italian language whilst sitting comfortably at your desk online via Skype.

Our Italian courses are run over 3 quarters each year (September to December, January to mid-April, mid-April to June) and are offered to group of students, each studying from remote locations from around the world and participating to the lesson via Skype (simple, free and easy).

Thanks to Skype the group lessons are good fun and students feel part of a virtual class room (e-classroom) where they can nonetheless listen to the teacher and share their opinions, questions and difficulties with everybody else just as if they were in a real classroom.

e-Learning Italian online via Skype is ideal for those with busy schedules or who find it difficult to attend Italian courses from their locations and it gives a chance to participants to take part in cultural exchange with both the teacher and with other students (some of which may become your first friends either when you then come to stay in Italy or because they might even be from your same local area) as well as being the best possible introduction to Italian life from remote location for those who would not otherwise get a chance to mingle with Italian society before actually setting foot in Italy.

Our Italian online courses are structured as follows:

Courses for Beginner
Courses for Intermediate
Courses for Advanced

Business Courses

All our Italian courses include a total of 60 hours for each quarter and are available during the following days and hours:

Monday & Wednesday 19:00 -22:00 GMT
Tuesday & Thursday 19:00 -22:00 GMT
Friday 19:00 -22:00 GMT
Saturday 14:00 to 17:00 GMT

Our teachers are Italian native-speakers with a university level of education and are also fluent in English which will make any initial language barrier easy to overcome. Find out what other students think about them in our testimonials page.

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